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3 Questions


The Meet The Real
Me service simply
saves my time

Cut time


I hate wasting time
and money on
interviews. Now I
don't have to!

Stand out


We get to see
personalities, not just
their written CVs.
So it's far more reliable

Ask own questions


OMG!!! sooo easy to
record my answers!!!
Really made me think! x

Its easy


[Meet The Real
Me] is a more
efficient way of
applying for work.
It's easy to use.

3 Questions

questions that
demonstrate a candidate's
communication and
presentation skills

Cut time

Don't waste your
time calling
applicants who
haven't the
language skills you
want, spend your
time on the ones who do.

Stand out

You'll quickly spot
the candidates who
have invested time
and effort applying
for YOUR job!

Ask own questions

Add your own,
questions to the
interview process to
really test their
knowledge and
research skills

Its easy

We're want to make
your life easier! So
we'll fit in with the
way YOU work.

Run a standalone
campaign or have it
fully integrated into
your existing systems
and processes.

Are you wasting time chasing candidates for a telephone
Interview only to discover they don't have the
Communication and presentation skills you need?

Now with just one-click you can read their CV, check their communication skills, then only call the candidates who have what you want.

Apply now

We like to keep things simple.

Our video CV application
screening process starts with
the 'Apply Now' button!

It can be on a page we
design, set-up and manage
for you, or it can be on your
careers page or a link in an
email sent to candidates


We have an API that can be
fully integrated into your
recruitment process so
you don't have to change the
way you work.

We can deliver the
applications to you in exactly
the same as you get them
now...but with a link to their
Video CVs


Read their written CV, check
their communication skills THEN

All you need to know about a
candidate can be found with

No need to login to a website,
you can check them on your
smart-phone, tablet or desktop

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