‘Make the most of the Easter holidays,’ Meet The Real Me advises students

Martin Patrick , Fri, 9 Mar 2012 - 4:40pm

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, the careers experts at Meet The Real Me are urging final-year university students to make the most of the impending break – by getting ahead with their job hunt.

Dr. Martin Patrick, university partnerships manager, says: “The intense competition in today’s graduate jobs market means that students finishing this summer face a particularly tough challenge. A common mistake students make is to leave it until after graduation before starting to think about how they enter the world of work – and by this time the job they want may have already been snapped up by those quicker off the mark.

“The great news for this year’s finalists is that there are tools on hand to help them prepare. Innovations, such as our unique online profile, ‘e-me,’ allow students to make the most of Easter holidays by kick starting their job campaign and beating the stiff competition ahead of the summer rush.”

E-me is a free online tool that allows students to showcase their personality alongside qualifications and work experience to apply for any job, anywhere in the world. It includes a short, structured video interview to showcase charisma, communication skills and confidence, as well as all the information of a traditional CV. Each e-me has its own unique URL link, and can be shared with employers via email, on-the-go via smartphones, and even on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Before sharing it with employers, students can watch and re-record their e-me as many times as they like – making it the perfect way to hone their interview technique and better their presentation skills prior to graduation. Their e-me can also be shared with friends, family or careers advisers for extra input and advice on how to make it employer-ready.

To kick-start your job campaign now, create your own e-me [link to ‘Create’ page] today.

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