University Partnerships Go From Strength To Strength

Martin Patrick , Mon, 14 Nov 2011 - 12:11pm

Meet The Real Me's pioneering University Partnerships Scheme has reached its first birthday - and the past year has seen a staggering number of universities and colleges sign up to enhance student employability in the wake of rising youth unemployment across the UK.

Since its launch in 2010 the Scheme has attracted an impressive list of 26 partner institutions. Students at participating universities and colleges have been kick-starting their job campaigns using Meet The Real Me's signature video recruitment technology at their own careers departments. Using a secure, personal login, students at partner institutions are working with careers staff to create and improve their unique e-me profile online prior to graduations to get a real edge in their job search. Their e-me can then be shared with prospective employers to apply for any job, anywhere in the world.

University partnerships manager, Dr Martin Patrick, says: “We at Meet The Real Me are very proud to work with some of the country's leading careers departments to give students a head start in their job hunt and stand out against fierce competition. Using e-me encourages them to address the way they present themselves to prospective employers well before their final year comes to an end - helping them prepare now to beat the rush in the long term.

“The great success of the Scheme in its first year shows that graduate employment remains top priority for the UK's universities and colleges. We look forward to expanding the Scheme further still in its second year, allowing even more students to shine online and fast forward their job search once they graduate.”

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